Top 5 Physical Security Sites

September 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Information is the key in security domain.

With vast information available on internet, there is lot more clutter than useable info out there. Finding relevant information is a bigger exercise than corroborating it. The trick is to identify the right source of information, so as to avoid the wasting of time.

Over a period of time, I’ve researched many sources of information and have shortlisted the most relevant ones for us. Personally, I have found them helpful.

1. IPVM – It is one of the most updated websites. It has a weekly feature where it reviews upcoming products, standards and systems, but restricts itself to the FMCG of security i.e. the surveillance systems and the access control systems. It conducts regular webinars, has training videos in its archives and can be viewed as per our leisure time. The only catch here is most of the features are members and a subscription would be required to access information. However, it provides basic information to non-members too.

2. Source Security – Easily qualifies as one of the best security technology and products website. It provides complete information on companies in security domain, globally. It updates on the latest news in security market, latest tie up in amongst security companies, security related events and has a library of case studies. The way I keep abreast with this website is I’ve subscribed to their newsletter. Comprehensive and weekly, specially the news column.

3. CSO Online – This is an exhaustive website. Going through it, we see that there are loads of pages on whitepapers, webcasts, podcasts, security related tools & templates. This site also contributes to some parts of Business Continuity and IT security to a certain extent. This website is one stop solution to every security officer. Sign up for its RSS feeds or newsletters. But I am sure, most of us would have already subscribed to its printed magazine.

4. Silva’s Blog – One of the most extensive archives of write ups on security. The blog not only talks about the best practices and industry leading techniques, but has also assorted them domain wise for the ease of the reader. Domains like Basic Security, Buying Security, Security Management, Security Procedures and Security Awareness help the user to quickly access relevant information.

5. DBF Security Blog – Similar to Silva’s blog, and has a good collections of write ups. Though the blog has not been updated recently, the libraries still serve our purpose. We cannot access information in a sorted format, but their blog keeps us engrossed. I’ve bookmarked their articles relevant for me, for easy access.

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